Malawi Style!

I’ve been planning a ‘first impression type blog’ since the first week we got here, over 3 months ago. My delay has not been due lack of impression but rather, because it’s taken… Continue reading

People, people, people.

“Just 2 more minutes darling, do you think you can manage that?” says husband (in his well practiced ‘calm-wife-down’ voice.) “I’m sure around the next corner we will find a quiet spot,” husband… Continue reading

Freeze I said.

Look at you,  angry world. Be still. Stop and think.   Let it be Winter, if only for a minute and freeze the wrath of humankind.   See the face etched with a… Continue reading

Retreat to KwaZulu Natal

The good news is that we have been granted residency in Malawi. The bad news for us is that we are still waiting for the official letter stating such facts. And until that… Continue reading

I stepped into a painting.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I had forgotten how beautiful they are. But with my first glimpse of the Drakensberg mountains in Kwazulu Natal, it was like seeing an… Continue reading

Let’s go to the lake!

We arrived just as the sun was about to set. We wove through the village to our lodge, occasionally sneaking peeks of the lake in between the walls of shoreline houses; with goats,… Continue reading

Warming up to Malawi

Moving to Malawi has taught me a number of things about myself. I had no idea how much of a home body I am and how much I need to have my ‘shit’… Continue reading

It was just a ‘small’ moment in Mozambique…

Does leaving Mozambique make her sweeter? Maybe yes. After living in central Mozambique for almost 7 years, I sit in my new country with a bright future ahead, thinking of all that I… Continue reading

A happy ending for Rudi

Today I said goodbye to Rudi. It’s been one year since I met her, one year since I learned about her life story. She was walking down a long dusty Mafambisse road, tired… Continue reading