Mulanje: Vanishing forests

Sometimes I wish I had lived a few hundred years ago. I wish I was one of the early pioneers, exploring new worlds and finding places that no-one had ever been. Finding somewhere… Continue reading

Is there a sun in Swakopmund?

It was foggy for a third day in a row and I began to wonder what was more illusive in Swakopmund? Rain or sun?

Born in Mozambique

Her entire future would cost her less than an American cent. But the person who killed her dream, was the person she believed held the key to her freedom.

Mua Mission: In search of something ‘different’

Ever since we passed them on the road – wild, unpredictable and masked, I wanted to know more about the Gule Wamkulu and it’s secret society. Of all places to learn about it, it was the beautiful Mua Mission that shed light on this sacred ceremony…

365 kilometers of Damaraland

I’m enchanted by Namibia. I’ve experienced nowhere like this country. This 365 kilometer stretch was without a doubt my favourite stretch of land on our trip. We left Palmwag early in the morning… Continue reading

Thyolo: the source of my addiction

My brain is floating somewhere in the clouds – I’m feeling confused, light headed and uptight! It’s not a bug, it’s not malaria and it’s not the morning after a night of festivities!… Continue reading

How to saw a log

On a scorching hot day in Nchalo, 2 men arrived for work. They’d be sawing up an old log in my garden. They came with a small bag of tools and one long saw that wobbled with the hot wind.

Learn how the Malawians saw a log…

Wrapping up 2015 with a camping trip to Domwe Island

What better way to kick 2015 in the bucket than to escape to a remote lake island and t0 leave it all behind…

Malawi in colour

When I think of Malawi, the first word that springs to mind is ‘Colour!’ There is something special about this time of year, just before the rains. The orange and red Flamboyants are in full bloom, the pink bougainvilleas pop against blue skies, the women wrapped in bold printed fabric, the red bricks exposed as green and blue paint peels with age and the dusty sunsets that paint the afternoon skies in yellow light. As if Picasso has come to Malawi with a full palette of paint!