It’s the journey, not the destination…

I think the journey itself is most exciting. We expect the destination, but we hardly expect what is in between. Sometimes the best times are a long the way!        Do you… Continue reading

I love Mozambique.

I’ve got to be honest. I’m excited about our next move to Malawi; new places to explore, new people to meet, new lessons to learn and of course – new blog material!!! But… Continue reading

Farm Attack

Life can be cheap in Africa, and this weekend my parents experienced it firsthand. 50/50, my dad said. It was 50/50 as to whether they would come out alive or would be found… Continue reading

The Point and Shoot African road trip

It’s been a while since I’ve properly posted! We’ve been on the road you see and I can comfortably say that I would make an utterly crap travel blogger! Writing and publishing blog… Continue reading

The story of a Congolese Refugee

For some, including myself, the world is a small place. I have friends and family who reside in the States, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. We stay connected with the help of internet,… Continue reading

Weathering the Storm

It’s a typical African Christmas. Days are filled with long sessions in the swimming pool – interrupted by short and dramatic thunder storms or by mum calling the kids in for lunch. A… Continue reading

My Long walk to freedom (and still walking)

I didn’t realize how much the Apartheid experience had kept me in its clutches until I lived in Mozambique for a number of years. I was 10 years old when they released Mandela.… Continue reading

The Grande Hotel; I finally got in!

I couldn’t  count how many times I have driven past the Grande Hotel, staring up at this magnificent, yet derelict building and wondering how to get in! I can hear some of my… Continue reading

Is Mozambique Safe? Post Election Update

When driving into Beira last week, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Hundreds of campaigners were on the move and their dancing and singing boodies had occupied most of the road. I… Continue reading